The real change goes beyond wishes and words, it is settled into actions. Michael Cyrus

As we are never into a wide sea of information spread through the whole web and all around where everything is available. There are “handbooks” for almost everything, there is also someone who ironically finds the “recipe for happiness!” And into this universe of  being “self-sufficient”, what seems to be good for some is not even so good for other ones. The idea of “Sin and blessing” depends on the human view than the Creator’s one, for so many of us.

There is too much information everywhere, but what’s really missing is a real changing about personal attitude… The main point isn’t who has the wish of a positive change, not even who has the right words ready to be said, but indeed that one who practices the change of a new life in Christ.

Not always those ones who accept Christ as their Savior are able to accept Him as their Lord, too. But the calling of Master is very simple: FOLLOW ME! By reading the Holy Bible, we see very clearly that Christ spent the whole time teaching His disciples into two simple and efficient ways – through His LIFE and VOICE. He lived what He spoke and spoke what He lived.

At a certain time, when a woman was caught in adultery, as related in John 8:11, while everybody at that time accused her for that, Jesus, however din’t  condemn her but He forgave her and into a very clear way He said: Go and do not sin anymore. So, He lived the love itself, forgiving and into a conscious way He guided her to avoid that sin again (…)

Of course, we don’t live at the time of  the Law of Old Testament anymore, we are at the Time of Grace, where all things are allowed to us, but not all of them are suitable for each one of us. But, for those ones who have a burning love on doing what is pleasant to the eyes of Father, so this is the time to be guided by that one who called us – Lord Jesus Christ! Because of this, you must choose to live the Word… Follow Jesus steps, not only say that He is the way, truth and life, but put Him inside your life, because who follows Him has the guarantee of an eternal life.

Michael Cyrus

English version by Claudia Medeiros

Publicado por Michael Cyrus

Husband, father, professor, business administrator. Esposo, pai, professor, administrador de empresas.

Um comentário em “CHANGE INTO ACTION

  1. Hello Cyrus, peace!

    As always you continue to transmit messages that edify God’s people.

    In relation to your text with regard to follow Christ the light of the Bible, because there are many kinds of interpretations of the Bible. In that sense I think we should be careful with some things, because even if we say we are following the Bible some people may appear and ask which is the basic exegetical hermeneutics and you’re taking for their conduct?

    With so much openness in a society that is exacerbated relativism is always good to think of the concepts “power and duty” as the Bible says “all things are lawful but not all things are profitable”. It is not possible to live without limits as if we live by instinct as irrational animals.

    We need to see Christ as see to do what he did and how he did.

    To acknowledge the Lordship of Christ has not been really usual even many “so called” people of God. Many prefer to have Christ as their only provider and not as his Lord.

    A hug.



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