Hard times are great opportunities for practicing and developing the best we have. Michael Cyrus

We hardly ever notice at the right time the changes that happen around us… Hours, minutes and seconds go away through our fingers like sand. Life is going on and then, everything also goes away. Time doesn’t stop indeed, it follows its own rate.

But, it’s always good to know that our Creator has allowed us life and with it all the opportunities for success and overcoming… He gave us life, resources and time so, it’s up to us manage them well.

Even though hard times come, we’re sure that all will work for our good because there is no victory without fight!

Yesterday was a day which I thought about so many things that happened this whole time at college… During our talks in the corridors at NewLab photo Studio, in Lagarto, many friends from FJAV College Business Course were deeply moved with as they realized that the time of our graduation is really near. For each one of us, this is one more dream coming true.

We arrived around 7 a.m. at the photo studio and the sun, as always, was smiling at my city ! It was a hot morning but it was really worth as we took so many photos for our graduation invitation which will have two versions : a printed and a virtual one. Sooner, I will add the link to our web version invitation.

We recorded through Iphone some of these photos from the making off which I share here.

Michael Cyrus

English version by Claudia Medeiros

Publicado por Michael Cyrus

Husband, father, professor, business administrator. Esposo, pai, professor, administrador de empresas.

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