Loving is a practice, without it there are no results. Michael Cyrus

What shall we do when words and attitudes hurt deeply someone ? There aren’t ready rules for living a better life but there are always many ways to overcome every and any disappointment but the very first step is to feel the necessity of forgiving and place yourself  into each other’s place.

Hurting someone is so easy but even harder is to heal the pain caused by a difficult situation… Who knows if you’ve hurt or have been hurting anyone, as a matter of fact, the sorrow doesn’t lead you to such any positive place, like a strong disease that keeps spreading and killing life are also the consequences of hate.

Let Love heals all the pains… Love and time, together, are the Best medicine to solve all disappointments but it’s necessary to forgive from the bottom of your heart… Let it go, even though you’re the one hurt… forgive your offender.

With a embittered heart, life has no color, no bright, no enthusiasm… So, start forgiving and overcoming the negative feelings inside you and give yourself to what really makes life bright, blossom and get encouraged – God’s true Love.

Michael Cyrus

English version by Claudia Medeiros