Life is going on and it’s impossible to have the past time back. It’s just a dream going to the future but, as a matter of fact, the reality on this day we call today, you can make a huge difference in your life. Everything can be different from now on if you do things with confidence.

Wasting your time with lamentations and complaints won’t bring you positive things, beyond deep sadness. The more you throw in the air defeated words, even more life seems to be painful and worthless, indeed.
Hard times come to everyone.

Problems are part of everyone’s life but having the decision to overcome them is something personal. It’s up only to you… How about deciding to take the right decision and quit suffering?
Today is a perfect day for you. Don’t allow yourself getting upset. Come on ! Raise your head, take a deep breath and go ! Trust more the potential given by the Creator to you… Yes, you can. You can go too far. This is your time. It’s your moment for overcoming ! Don’t give up, it’s really worth to keep on doing it!
If you need some strength today, come and get it straight from the source of encouragement called Jesus Christ. Talk to Him now, He is up to help you into a surprising way.
Believe, Jesus Christ has the solution for your life.

In the peace of Christ,
Michael Cyrus
English version by Claudia Medeiros

Publicado por Michael Cyrus

Husband, father, professor, business administrator. Esposo, pai, professor, administrador de empresas.

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