“In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.” Proverbs 14:23

Within so many things that happen in our life, as the unexpected events and surprises that follow every single day, the big challenge isn’t about dreaming but  keeping ourselves stronger to come our dreams true. So many make plans  but only a few do the step by step to the victory.

Deciding to win is the very first step but the long way needs some perseverance, courage and faith. Words are mere words when we don’t practice them. Someone can say that the talent really makes a huge difference when we want to achieve something but, as a matter of fact, the talent without diligence and discipline is the same of a beautiful vehicle without fuel competing on a race. It will keep the speed while going down the ladder but when it drives up, the diligence and discipline will be essential.

You don’t need just to want , dream or even to speak…Today, you must keep your feet on the ground and make all of that which is really positive because on this way, all your dreams will come true ! Do not let your goals away even when some negative voices try to make you give up… Today, as ever, is your opportunity for making the whole positive difference in your life. Believe, you can!

So, keep your focus ! Our heavenly Father knows your future. He knows what is better for you…If you need to check your projects better, you must ask who really knows your future. Talk to God through Jesus and I assure you will have a new path, a better strategy… So, for having a successful future you need to be in the present time in front of God’s will.

Have a great week ! Remember that the hard times are great opportunities for practicing our skills and faith.

In the peace of Master,

Michael Cyrus

(English version by Claudia Medeiros)

Publicado por Michael Cyrus

Husband, father, professor, business administrator. Esposo, pai, professor, administrador de empresas.

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